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We develop disruptive ideas to create scalable companies with your own resources. Our DNA is made up of an agile structure, talent at all levels, and the experience necessary to turn a promising idea into a high-impact business. We are your construction company, we are constant innovation.

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por Hoy

it is the platform that allows you to contract mandatory insurance against third-party civil liability for a period of 24 hours, to be able to use your car. We are innovating the way of contracting your car insurance, so that it can be paid more fairly, paying for the days the vehicle is used

Chaning the future
of the agriculture

We bring robotics to the field. Through Gbot we are innovating the world of seedbeds, combining the capabilities of robotics with computational image analysis to create an autonomous terrestrial platform capable of circulating through the different plots, cultivated, characterizing each crop, evaluating both in terms of productivity as well as in aspects related to its morphology, phenology and response to stressful events, in order to improve the efficiency of selecting cultivars in the seedbeds


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