Our services

We are a venture studio software factory. We have the technology, the knowledge and the necessary resources to develop your project.
Teamwork is our main value.

Software factory

We develop software tailored to your business requirements by means of agile methodologies. Should your project require it, we could also focus on the hardware.

Staff augmentation

We provide collaborators who are able to work in house in your startup, company or project. We lead our own teams of collaborators  assigned to your project.

Artificial intelligence

We automate complex processes, by optimizing decision-making and problem solving.

Data Science

We collect data and assess it to make better decisions by improving the existing BI systems in your project.

Mobile development

We create high performance apps that meet the needs of your users.

Digital transformation

We bring your company or startup into this century.

We develop your project

We make your ideas come to life. We create an action plan and a market analysis. We offer you the best technological solutions and necessary resources for your project.

We develop our own projects

We are continuously looking for challenges. We generate our own ideas, we make an MVP and capitalize it with external funds.

Canned Quick MVP

We are in charge of the collaborators assigned to your project. We go beyond the execution and programming. We are involved in your project and provide solutions and high impact ideas.

Grow my Startup

Staff Augmentation

We provide collaborators who are able to work in house in your startup, company or project. We lead our own teams of collaborators assigned to your project.

We build dynamic teams and evolve to satisfy the needs of each project.
Learn about our innovation cornerstones and the technologies we work with.

We would like to meet you!

Let’s develop

The project that everyone will talk about.

Let’s make a fact

The idea you’ve had for ages.

Let’s put together

The best tech team.


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